10 Tips from 10 Top Selling Shops on Zazzle

I’ve scoured the Zazzle marketplace and found 10 top current sellers that are showing up consistently in the top spots for popular products on Zazzle. 

From analyzing their shops, here are 10 things that they all (or mostly) have in common.

big bold black text on a wood table with a white computer mouse and a small plant as the backdrop. The text reads: "10 Tips from 10 Top Selling Shops on Zazzle" and underneath in small print it reads: "PROFITSUNRAVELED.COM"
  1. Shop Banner
  2. Shop Tagline
  3. Categories
  4. Collections
  5. About Section
  6. Contact Information
  7. Pinterest
  8. Website
  9. Paper Products
  10. Holidays & Special Events

Shop Banner

Each of the shops that I looked at had a well laid out shop banner that represents what the kinds of products and designs that they offer in their shop.

Banners should be 2280 px wide x 380 px high.

Shop Tagline

A shop tagline is another key component that each of these shops had on full display. A few words (usually around 4-6 words) summarizing what is available in the shop. Things like “Invitiations | Weddings | Holidays” or “Custom Gifts for that Special Someone” or “Modern Business Stationary Boutique”

(I’ve paraphrased these so as not to copy directly from the shops.)


Every single shop that I visited had distinct shop categories with cover photos to display them clearly. Categories help customers to navigate your shop and are crucial for helping your customers have a better shopping experience while visiting your shop. 

Most shops had multiple levels of categories as well. So if one categories was weddings, when you clicked through, you would see more categories of invitations, save the dates, rsvps, etc. 

Another example is if one category is electronics, you would then have the option to select phone cases, mousepads, pop sockets, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers etc. 

My Recommended Tools

Below are my personal favorite tools that I use regularly in my POD business.
The below links are affiliate links meaning I may receive a small commission for anything purchased through these links at no extra cost to you.

Creative Fabrica – My favorite place to get graphics with a straightforward commercial license for print on demand use.

Adobe Illustrator – I use Adobe Illustrator for at least half of my design creations. It’s pricey but so worth it when you choose to take the business seriously. Get a free trial to Adobe Illustrator here.

Graphics TabletMy partner got me this exact tablet as a Christmas gift when I was just starting out with creating my own designs. It has served me well now for several years and it was a very low cost investment that made a big impact in my POD business.

Ergonomic Mouse – If you spend long hours at the computer like me I highly recommend investing in a good ergonomic mouse. Over the years, I have caused an injury in my hand/wrist from being at the computer so much, but my pain has gotten significantly better since getting this ergonomic mouse on Amazon.


I have been talking quite a bit about the importance of designing in collections in my emails recently. And by the looks of it, this is something that all the top designers agree with me on.

Every one of these shops has cohesive collections on fulol display in their shop.

A collection can look a variety of ways depending on what you offer for sale in your shop. 

I’ve listed 18 products that would work well in a bedroom collection here

However, you could do a collection for birthday parties, weddings, small business, bathrooms, etc. 

An About Section

You have the opportunity to speak directly to your customers and tell them about your shop in your About section. 

You can edit this by clicking on Settings from your shop homepage. 

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Welcome them to your shop and talk about the items and designs you offer. And add a way to get in touch. 

Contact Information

Not all of the shops I looked at had this, but it was a common theme among many of them that they offered an email address for customer to get in direct contact with them for questions or special requests. 

I suspect that less shops are doing this now since customers have the option to reach out to designers directly on the Zazzle platform. But by adding an email address it adds another level of professionalism and at least gives the appearance that your shop is a fine tune selling machine.


Every successful shop that I have seen has a Pinterest account and posts to Pinterest at least somewhat regularly. 

I know it’s not what most of us want to hear, but we do need to market our products if we truly want our shop to do well. 

You don’t need to be pinning 20 times a day or anything crazy. But consistent pinning will help your shop to reach more potential customers. 

You can also earn an affiliate commission by creating pins for your products.

Learn more about Zazzle’s associate program here.

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Again, not every shop I looked at listed a website, however more than half did. By creating your own website, customers can browse your selection of products and navigate through them the way you envision and only go to Zazzle to purchase. 

You can also earn referral commissions this way too.

Paper Products

In every one of these shops, when you look at the products tab and sort by best sellers, paper products were almost always the best sellers. 

Typically invitations and paper products that coordinate with invitations. 

This is a bit of a hard one for me to swallow as I don’t enjoy designing for paper products. 

Holidays & Special Events 

Along with those best selling paper products, most were for holiday and special events such as graduation, wedding, birthdays, Christmas, and other types of celebrations.

It’s no secret that weddings are Zazzle’s huge money makers, so it comes as no surprise that most of the shops that I looked at offered at least a handful of wedding collections. 

Final Thoughts

I created this list in the order that I think is most important. As in, filling out your shop profile by creating a banner, tagline, about section, with well thought out categories and collections is the first thing that needs to get done in order to have a successful shop. 

From there, marketing the products you have on Pinterest while using your associates code to maximize earnings and reach more eyeballs. 

Once you have proof of concept, as in you are making regular sales, building a website to have more control over how customers navigate through your products has the potential to be a game changer. Especially if you add your associates links!

While, from this list it would seem that adding paper products along with products for holidays and special events niche is the best way to be a top seller, I don’t necessarily agree. I did a very general search when looking for top sellers and I know for a fact that there are many super niched down sellers that are making a killing and don’t even touch these types of products and niches. 

Curious about who these top sellers that I looked at were? Get the download here.